Dec 12, 2010
It seems like I'm enjoying my 2 off days too much till I don't feel like going to work..
So happy, so free..every moment slacking on the bed..
Life is full of contradiction..
I remember there is once I'm having 1month plus break, I wanna to work so much because I'm so bored and poor..
And now, I think 2 days break is always not enough and I don't want to work!

The only thing now that makes me look forward to weekdays is Breakout 破天网...
I think the drama is nice, esp got dai yang tian and elvin ng act together..
Like to imitiate Zou Jie Ming, his role is so cute :D
I can't deny I love TV so much that I can run back home just to watch this show :P
Crazy right..hahaha

Time is running faster and faster now..
Maybe wake up the next day, it's Christmas already..
So happy, but I haven't start doing that damn project..omg!

Attachment is going to be over in 5weeks plus.
Just have to endure..endure ..and endure..