Dec 5, 2010
Dear diary,

37 days to go.. exclude OFF days..
I dislike working there but I got no choice.

Christmas is coming~~
Yesterday, I have settled all the christmas presents :D Yay!
I hope christmas is tomoro..and soon end of sip..
Feeling so emo suddenly whenever i think of work and anything..

Haix, I should think more for others and not to be so self-centered.
I have my own reasons for not doing some things and I think I should be more sensible dealing with money.
Forgive me for being such a lifeless person and a bad friend..
My life is born to put family as my first priority and I will not go against them to make myself happy..

I'm trying to save up now....
To repay my debts and next year's presents..
I hope my school fee can be offset by PSEA, so that I can repay my debts soon..
Next year will be a better year :D
A debt free meiwei ^^