Nov 17, 2010
Disappointed, sad, mixture of feelings..
I called Peini after work for counselling session because I really feel very troubled, though it's just a small matter.
I don't dare and will not say anything more and I just want to get over this.

Glad that it's finally holiday, a day to rest my mind and eyes.
I can't take it staying at the office anymore.
The "SUAY" air kept lingering around me.
I always wanted to scream out my problems but I can't.
Luckily I got counsellor carol and peini to enlighten me.
Thanks to you dude, I feel better now.

Cleaning up day tomorrow. Operation K (Killing of cockroaches) D:

Last but not least,
Once it's strained, it can never be as good as in the past again and eventually it will drift away.