Oct 11, 2010
NATAS winter fair is coming...
Good Luck to me..because I really hate NATAS!
Need to stand for long hours till 10pm..
Today I had a meaningful, well-spent off day :D
Did 2 puzzles, sew two clothes, cleaning up my room, watch TV, play com..
I realised I'm very good at puzzles, something to be proud of..Hahaha
Well use of time :D not just sleep..
Tues I OFF, then all the way until next next week sat! work 10days straight D:
We are cheap labour..no choice just have to endure :(
I am improving day by day and getting blurrer day by day too!
Just hope they don't put me at front counter pls!
Time please pass fast fast during work :D
Sleeping soon~~ Goodnight xD