Sep 15, 2010
14 September 2010, I had a splendid shopping trip!
I spend all the 80 bucks I have drawn from my atm card..
My ROI (return of investment)- 3 dresses and 2 pairs of shoes from Bugis D:

But I'm super satisfied :D
The best thing I have bought, is that pair of new wedge shoes!
Japanese style and cute little wedge shoes.. I love it so much^^
Thank you to Caroline for accompanying me and that pair of earrings you bought for me :D

At least I have not wasted my holiday :DD
I watch finish <个人取向> personal taste within 3days!
All I can say is, that lead actress character so alike with mine..
The difference is that she is at least possess with a talent, but me, nothing :(
Drama is always like that..
Always show that a prince charming will suddenly come into a poor girl's life and save her out of her misery..
In reality, handsome guys always end up to be actor, singer or foreigner..
It's always fake..
But I still love to watch it, dunno why..
Keep dreaming xD

Countdown to internship....I'm so worried again =X

Meet Peini on Thursday :D
Cut hair on Friday :D