Aug 14, 2010
Here comes the 4 weeks study break...

So relaxing~~ everyday sleeping till very late, wakeup, watch tv & sleep again..
I self-declared one week of own entertainment break :D
It's ending soon.. gotta really really study on Monday!!
Time pass really fast now.. it's like 15aug already.. & I haven't even start studying
I never even go out at all because I'm broke and I wanna save on transport fee..
Life w/o concession is so sian >.<
Yesterday, completed all the bejeweled challenges FINALLY !

Someone really bored can get very happy over such little thing! :)

I went gym today with sis carol.
Cannot believe that I'm tt fat now.. from 49kg to 55kg O.O
The most funniest thing is, after all the exercises, I weigh again & I'm 56kg!?
Exercise help me gain 1kg! Unbelieveable xP
Next time don't exercise already..Hahahaha
I'm now trying not to eat supper and finding alternative ways to get slimmer..
I wanna dance..can anybody teach me for free..
Watching movie now..
Blog next time :D