Jul 27, 2010
Yay! Projects and presentations are finally over :D
Eagerly waiting for the one month break..
But I'm starting to feel a little bored now :P
Feel like going to work but donno how to start..so puzzled..
But first, I gonna summarize all the updates since june end!

Ningzhi 20th Birthday
It was a grand birthday home party to me..
Her mummy and daddy did so much hardwork for her..she shld feel blessed :)
Got lots of things to eat.
However there's more room for improvement becos it's not an entertaining day..
And the guys are totally a spoiler..leave so early..
But I enjoyed the most is when we few girls gather around zhi's bed and have our small girls talk..
Really miss the days..when we talk everything under the roof, nonstop..
Everyone have grown up..not as free as in the past..
I really think we shld cherish every moment now..once out to work, everything is different..
Pace of life is faster & mindset also changes..
Just like Ms P,sometimes I feel the gap btw me and her & I'm quite worried..
She is like..living in her busy world..don't have time to care about us anymore..
Sian, let it be bah..might be in future I might be same to them too..
Overall, I enjoyed myself a lot in the party xD


Ta-pao a lot of food home, so paisei but it's really delicious!

I quarrelled with a petty guy over a small issue because of their acts during tt day..
They, esp tt petty guy, are super not gentleman.
Btw, I doesn't concern me though but I bu shuai must say it out loud..
No wonder no girlfriend because they don't understand girls.. I despise such person..
I can be very nasty to guys at sometimes..so think twice if u say u interested in me!

Father Day 2010
We made a super special card for daddy..
This is a last min idea but quite creative and innovative :P
We did the card because we have no money to buy presents for him!

This is the special present for him..

Most importantly, he is happy! ^^

Some Relative Wedding Day
Small event @ Novotel, not very close relative..but still invited us..
Some photos to share..
With my new dress :D

My Cute Mummy and Daddy ^o^
Last but not least...some random..

I bought monkey biscuit :D So happy & cute~~