Jun 5, 2010
Soon, one lappy will be gone..
I should only use this com when I am doing project because it's not mine.
Haiz, too bad I no money to buy a cheap one for myself.

I rebond-ed my hair lo!
So cool hur. Must thanks my mummy, daddy and shamus for sponsoring me this time!
It's part of my birthday gift ~.~
My birthday is coming now..
But I feel like nothing special this year. I din care to plan somemore.
First, I seriously no money.
Second, I don't want my sisters and parents to spend money le..
Why GSS period we always so poor la, sian.
Somemore this time, got a lot of projects to complete.
MR CHAN AH MR CHAN, pls approve our market analysis so that our group can move on okay. I going to meet you on tues and you better say okay..

In addition, my sister carol is having exam on tues.
I take up the role as her nanny and cheerleader! hahaha
Wish her good luck, I think she can do it too.

Next week will be a busy week, I really hope to complete fnb project by then.
Good luck to myself too.
Will update photos when I free after my birthday!
Good night.