May 13, 2010
Something I forgotten to blog about..
Peini pre-graduation meetup on 26 April 10:

Since I am not invited for her graduation because of limited graduation cards (stingy TP),we did a pre-graduation meetup after my first tutorial of the sem.
I miss her man! she always so busy at the hotel, earning so little but putting so many efforts.
I pity her man, hope she will jia you lo :)

Met her after tutorial while printing notes for the week.
She want me to accompany her to try out her graduation suit.
We did took some photos, as if it's her real graduation haha..

After that, we went TM to eat swensens ice cream! going for the 1 for 1 deal.
I ordered mocha fudge and sticky chewy choc and P ordered mint and rocky road.
Came out there is two look similar ice creams and we ask the service staff which is which.
The guy staff totally ignore us and walk away. WTF!
P got super angry and call for the manager.
Actually, I'm okay with any but I think P is just angry because of his attitude.
The manager change her ice cream and turn up the one I'm eating is rocky road lol :P
Had a good chat there and went off to source for a plastic bag to put her graduation suit.
She went Mphosis and buy a pair of slipper.
However, to my surprise, we ask for another carrier and she refused to give us!
So damn weird, just a carrier what will kill?
Luckily, the sales staff managed to squeeze the slippers and suit into that small little bag!
Overall, I enjoyed the meetup :)


Sweet treat, so luxurious :P

Miss Grad Peini


Our first ever photo on her "graduation"
After that, went home, eat nong shin cup noodles (kinda in love with it)..

Munching snacks. Cute right! ghost shape :D

The actual thing inside.

A lot of "mok mok" in a bag.


Haiz, my poor caroline is very ke lian.
Her cruel and bad managers are torturing her.
I hope their managers will get back their karma! (sounds like a nasty auntie)
But she always don't listen to me. sian.
We will jia you together de!
School is boring! tmr doing amadeus practice with eileen.
Hope I can type faster. haha..
Good luck to me :)