May 12, 2010
Sista Caroline 22nd birthday

Caroline is super happy receiving great birthday presents!
Hope u like my MAC present!
Anna super rich this time, gave her a few expensive presents.
Mum and caroline received bouquets of roses in the morning while I'm still busy sleeping.
I didn't go out, except collecting cake because tired after going out on sat.
Anna and chris went orchard to source for food.
This is what they brought back for dinner..

Cherry tomatoes brought by us, requested by shamus.

Ding tai feng and xing fu yin cha dim sum :D First time eating this!


Big O fish and chip. Indeed very big and good value!

Shi ling -chicky

Ding tai feng always have that weird smell but taste okay!

everything is nice :D

After eating, we watch TV, very bored, so slept on mummy's comfortable bed with air con.
Until 11pm, woke up when they take out the cake and wait for daddy to come home.
Took lots of photos (I'm so look like I didn't put makeup after I slept)

2 lady with roses

Birthday girl with bf

Mum with anna

Me and mum

Taizi and nanny :D

Caroline with anna

The End.
Didn't sleep till morning. Go to school and tired like wtf.
But very energetic in the afternoon and super sleepy when go home.

Something to add on:
On friday, caroline received a birthday cake baked by his pig son :D
Cool cheesecake and my mummy is so impressed :P
Lol, they even joked he might be my future boyfriend because he fulfils most of my criteria!
Hope they are just kidding. hahaha (^^)Y

His masterpiece.