May 12, 2010
Outdated post and photos

Busy busy busy and lazy lazy lazy to update blog.
I should start with my temporary jobs last month.


First cool experience working auction,selling lots of rich people buying gold and diamonds.
Thanks to ningzhi.
It's very easy as I start off at the redemption counter and later comes to the real auction.
U will see people keep raising their boards (as if $$ is free)and it's super fast.
I'm so impressed by the Prosperco staffs I worked with because their maths is super duper power. Very fast.
When it's comes to the later part, where bidders pay money for the things they bids, they took out stacks of hundred dollars cash (like those only seen in drama).
I enjoyed my day there but super giddy after looking at so many figures and numbers.

@ Hotel Royal; (right) is the operations of the auction.

FHA2010 is super cool for those who like to eat because you get lots of freebies and food samples there.
I was in charge of Pablo Garrigos booth, a spain confectionary and sweet company.
At first I was super bored because I am the only one at that booth. No one to talk to while that spain lady in charge of me but at a different booth beside me, keep running away to chit chat with others.
She didn't taught me much abt that products also and I figure my way through.
But there's always nice people around who came to my booth and chat with me.
I did repay them by giving out my samples to them generously when it comes near to the end.
What's so happy and interesting is my last day, when everybody bring big bags to collect samples. Sometimes it's annoying (e.g. A uncle who scold me just becos I didn't give him more samples, appeared on the last day 5times and keep taking my samples)
I seriously enjoy myself to the max, because I'm not restricted to give more samples (compared to previous day)and I did received a lot of things to eat from my neighbouring booths. Esp that australian booths just opposite mine, they are super friendly.
It's nice to make new friends in this tradeshow :D
I received lots of things e.g. sparkling wines , jams, cookies, turron(my booth),alcohol and species from spain, fruit juices from turkey, cookies and organic oats from australia, chocolate from venezuela and snacks from malaysia.
Really grateful and thanks to them. Hope I can work in FHA2012 too.

My booth :)

Photo of me in the toilet :P

Good austrailians opposite me

Super woman wei carried all these bags alone from expo to home.

Things in the three heavy bags :P

I supposed to have this too but I give it to the Australia organic oat uncle who gave me 48 small packets of oat. haha :D

Victory ^^

Super nice Australian from Melbourne who give this unique box of cookies to me only.

Japan chestnut ice cream bag, so cute right!

My new friends :D