May 28, 2010
I got my sip placement at Farmosa holiday tours.
Yeah, at least I can work with deniece (second time) and shu qi for the first time..
So good wor~!
I see so many of my friends' graduating photo in FB..
Feel like graduating too lo (>.<)
Going to fight this battle.. with Final year semester 1 :P
Though still a long time to go, time passed so quickly :(
I must start the engine of my group already. because we are still at the same spot.
I am indeed a "Last-min queen".
Procrastinate is my forte and I hate myself for procrastinating.
I hate staying up late, worrying this and that and begging my sister to help me..
I never produce a single quality work by myself before
Because I always need someone to check my grammar and sentence structure.
Why am I such a 败犬 (failure)?
Anyway, I going to do my hair again!
Because my mummy and sisters say it's out of shape now. Haha
I will continue sourcing~