May 4, 2010
Blog again, so lazy actually, but wanna write something.
Time passed so bloody fast. First tutorial week already need to start on project.
Damn fast it's May already and there's lots of things to hand up by june.
And the sip attachment thingy.. so idiot!
Seriously, I think htm-er super kiasu-soh.
They can work so efficiently and probably still having fun outside.
Peer influence; I also wanna be kiasu but I don't know what job I want, so I stucked at the same place for quite some time.
I seriously don't even know why I joined HTM.
Got so many event experiences yet don't want to join events company. Weirdo right :P
Going to start doing MICE project soon.
I am quite happy with my groupmates :D jun, fronda, yuanhui & eileen.
At least they contribute and it's quite fun to work with them.
during presentation shall take a group photo since this is so-called our FYP liao
Shall buck up a little and stop my slacking attitude.
Words are easier than action. Will I do it?
I just hope time can slower a bit so that we still can enjoy this sem in school ^^

I am still very lazy to blog about my position in pawnshop auction and FHA2010.
Because it will be as long as essays. accompanied with lots of photos :D

Maybe post photos in FB first :P so look out for updates!