Apr 10, 2010
Sleepy days..
Sorry for updating so long..
Because I have been waking and sleeping, waking and sleeping :P

I am waiting for my pay!
ML, please sms me monday ok! so that I can clear off some debts.
And wanna go K again!

UPDATED PHOTOS -exclusive not in FB

Drawn by Caroline :D

Outlook before going

Soup based *Yummy*

My sisters :P

My daddy and mummy :D

A little ugly today >.<

Keep eating prawns >.<

Eat until so dirty :P
Cute bear bear, I'm going to eat you~~

Mummy's heart for daddy xD *Sweet*

Cut cake lo!

Sweet x2
Alright, tt's all for the photo updates.
See ya next time..
I wanna see how am I going to slack for these days O.O