Apr 3, 2010
Mummy 51st birthday - 31/03/2010

Early in the morning @ 11am went down to International Plaza for an interview at Kelly services.
After the interview, I went down to Ion Orchard to buy mummy and daddy birthday presents.
1st Stop- Royce.
Feel like buying chocolate, best gift for all ages and gender.
I like Royce chocolate because it's affordable and yummy.
Taste a lot of samples while choosing the chocolate and they are very generous with the samples.
But must make sure you are buying something la.
Bought two boxes of chocolates- Royce Nama Chocolate and Royce Pure Chocolate
Then anyhow walk walk and saw a japanese food store called Nippon ya.
Suddenly thought of that japanese snack shop in Ion that my mummy mentioned last time.
The snacks there are really cool, special and expensive. All imported from Japan.
Then I walk around the sakura area (the season now in Japan) and bought a small box of sakura mochi.
It's ex but worth to try since it's so special and nicely wrapped.
The staff there are also very friendly and younger than me.
After that went home, rest for a while before going Hougang mall to collect cake.
Around 5pm, makeup, dress well and prepare to go out later for celebration.

When Caroline came back to fetch me in the evening, she bought that heels I always wanted.
So happy.

Nice heels!

Then went down to Hotel Rendezvous for a dine at Straits Cafe.
Mummy and daddy were so happy! first time dinning at hotel.
But truthfully, the food is not that fantastic. Limited choices and food so-so. It's noisy there too
Anyway, we still have fun eating there.
Eat till I wanna vomit!
Took some photos ^.^

Daddy and mummy

Chris and Anna

Shamus and Caroline

Taizi and Nanny wei

Anna and me

Family portrait

Happy and cute parents!

Went back home. Rest for some time and wait for daddy to come home.
After he came home, mummy cut cake and we left the cake in fridge coz we are too full to eat.
Everyone is so tired!
Photo session again.

Mummy with her mango cake :)

Wishing in darkness
Mummy with lots of presents!

Customized a photo of me and mummy! Sincere gift bah :D

Daddy birthday is coming soon too.
This time without shamus because he has to go for re-service.
Let's countdown :P
Have good food to eat again!