Apr 2, 2010
Hey, I finally make up my mind and start blogging..
Firstly, shall talk about the event I just worked for.

Asia Pacific Marinetime 2010

Sounds kind of cool right. Feel so fortunate that I had work for so many events.
It is fun and you won't feel that kind of pressurizing and responsibility.
Just do your part for that few days and take money :D
I'm simply in love with event jobs because I can make new friends, see local and foreign professionals & some are really friendly or handsome.
Plus can sit down, can chit chat, can walk walk around take freebies and usually they provide free food (it's quite delicious)
I like events to the extend that I only like to work as temp staff and not venturing to manage an event. Hahaha :P

I found this job from ML, most of the agents are friendly and nice.
Start working on 24- 26Mar, but had a paid briefing on 23rd and I saw..


So shy, didn't expect to see him..what a small small world!
Luckily he is assigned as the entrance scanner. Good Relief.
I'm also a scanner but they last minute change me to in charge of the paid conferences.
I was so lucky because I think our job is the slackiest and we got place to sit and eat..
So damn cool..
I'm in charge of conference room K and 3 other girls working with me at the conference halls.
However, I got a "hyperactivate" partner, called L.
L is a JC grad and her thinking is super different from the rest. (the 2 other girls SL and HQ is from poly)
She kept about studying uni, "jumping" here and there, sticking & chatting with the organiser V, and always left me alone to look after conference K.
Not that I dislike her, but I just dislike her act and behaviour which starting to irritates me.
What make it worse is that she kept pushing me whenever she call me.
I don't know it is her habit or whatever, she just make me really mad.
She likes to talk about boring topics with V & she even bring her japanese notes to study "openly" (I wonder why V allow this)
I think that she can sense that I got a little "unhappy" with her. But who cares.

SL & HQ is in charge of conference G-cum-H.
I'm closer to HQ, because L always like to stick with SL as they are sec sch friends.
I always use singlish (sometimes eng sometimes chinese) with HQ because we are not that angmo-ish, unlike L.
I can feel the stress when chatting with L as I don't speak English that often with my friends.
However, it's a good challenge.
L didn't know I was from chinese-speaking family until the last day of the event when a china businessman ask us about local university.
She was shock, I don't know why but perhaps there's a saying that "English-speaking chinese cannot mix with those that always speak Chinese".
It is totally true and they always have their own "Angmo" group.
Sorry for bitching too much about her. By the way, no offence for my words because I just being straightforward about how I feel.
Anyway, I get to know another nice lady called M. She is the conference producer for our conference K.
So cool right. We also got chat with the media uncles (cameraman) and they are very friendly.

On the last day of event, HQ and me walk walk around and secretly get free ice cream! tastes like marshmellow.
It's damn fun and we took lots of photos on the last day.
Time to look at some photos!

Our conference K (above)

2nd day lunch

Nice Tea Breaks

Marshmellow ice cream *yummy*

Madelyn and me

Funny media uncle posing behind

Me and Shi Lin

Me and HQ

Sneak photo of HQ

The Organiser V- Our boss

Delicious 3rd day lunch!

The tradeshow...

Cool Machines

Our scanners! (always make me so angry becos cannot scan)

These are what I collected at the end of the tradeshow!

SL, HQ and I have collected the pen, sweets and paper from the conference room..
Waste if they throw all away after the conference so we take it!
4 of us received a very cool tanker figurine thumbdrive from the organiser.
So cool right. Only us have it because the organiser kept for us ^v^
I enjoyed a lot.
Hope the next event I am working for will be fun as well :D
Food and Hotel Asia 2010 here I come! :)