Apr 8, 2010
Here to update :D
WTF my eye candy are always younger than me.. if not all got gf!
LOW MEI WEI, stop looking and thinking..argh..so irritating...
"I will not like someone who is younger than me" screaming in heart.
Shall stop making this kind of statement again! because it always turn out the opposite..
I really admire myself for having the courage to see their lovey dudey photos..
See *RED* and face turn *GREEN*
Starting to have headache again.
Nothing else to do thus browsing through FB and blogs..
Some people, seriously I don't know what is so good to brag abt la..
You will not be so lucky always de la!

Today Sister C is unwell.
As a role of her nanny, I accompany her to doctor.
But I'm unhappy with her for a moment too.
I realised that I always get piss off whenever she talks about marriage with S..
Seriously, I think she's still young for that and a lot of dreams to complete..
Or maybe I'm just scared to be lonely.
Selfish right?
I sounds more like a mother right now, OMG >.<

"Hello..hello.. hope you are not sleeping right now Mr blog?"

Lacking of listeners and audiences, so I talk to my blog.

Haix, it's going to start school soon. I can't imagine, that's fast.
I shall use all my time to slack till next friday..
Wonder why the timetable isn't up yet..so slow..