Apr 6, 2010

I think I have grown up.
After being gullible for so many years, I have learn to be more careful with the things I do.
Suddenly think of that painful lesson learnt after browsing through some websites.

"When you are desperate, you will get cheated more easily".

So I learnt to take things slowly too.
Good things always come later than what you expected.
P told me to look for a boyfriend,but why can't they find me instead.
Anyway, today I had watched an interesting entertainment show.
I'm glad that somebody out there, older than me, never had a girlfriend before..
Seems like I'm not the only one.
Btw, he's quite cute too la.

Haha, I'm so random.. :P
Later noon, going K lunch with P and NZ, after that collect cake.
Evening- eat steamboat with family to celebrate daddy's birthday!
Alright, shall stop here.
I will update again soon :D