Apr 9, 2010
06 April 2010

Daddy's birthday and going K session with P & NZ in the late morning.
I was freaking late because I didn't get up when the clock rings.
Probably because the night before insomnia and slept in the morning.
I woke up @ 11.17 a.m.
& thanks to them becos they are in the K room already so I rush down to Hg plaza.

When I reached, I didn't know that someone is following behind so I nearly close the door at him.
Damn shocked he is behind too, then laughed embarrassingly.
I also quite blur la, reactions also very "gong"..
But thanks to the kind service staff who can tolerate.
Today very lucky too, almost all staff are guys.
And some quite handsome ones..*He He He*

So happy that I got to sing my A-lin and Rachael liang songs..*YAY*
But ended up having sore throat after the K session..

3 best friends

N & me

Smiles in the darkness

They super weird de lah, only want to take pictures in the dark.
Becos they just went gym before coming.

Daddy's birthday celebration photos haven't been upload yet. I will upload perhaps tomorrow! We dined @ Shabu Shi buffet restaurant in hg mall. Nice and still affordable :D

Stop here & continue tomorrow :P