Mar 18, 2010
Photo update:

First tour in RWS:

It's a damn hot day! standing under the sun to take this pic.

Then we walk past a Hershey Store and saw this gigantic thing..

Hershey Strawberry Syrup huge version.

May eat until you got diabetics. Yuck!

Then move on, and saw..

Reesses! Americans like it very much because of its peanut butter :D

After touring, went to de-stress and feel the wind..

Dining @ MOF with Carol

Highly recommend Ministry of Food. Their food taste really good! Yummy :P

That day wear that freaky high heels hurts my legs to the core!

However, I disencourage people to go Suntec MOF.

Because there's GST, Service Charge and less variety.
Anyway, we still went there to celebrate Peini belated birthday >.<

Exterior of that expensive menu :P

Best Cheapest Dessert Award

Poor pork cube rice. Although it's nice, not filling at all.

Me and Birthday Girl Pei Ni.