Mar 16, 2010
Btw, I'm pretty amused today when my sister caroline's bf ask me in msn why I don't have a boyfriend.

Then I'm like hmm..thinking maybe he thinks that I kept interrupting them because I got nothing to do at home..

I replied: I don't have much guy friends. In poly, there are only 3 guys I can comfortablely chit chat with; terence di di, wanyi and trevor.

Because I am too shy? (Maybe) too high expectations (Yar) too weird character? (Sometimes I think so)

The life span of guys chatting with me only lasts a few weeks. Maybe talking to me is too boring.

If not, last time, that guy (so ugly) will not go for another girl and hiding from me. Bloody jerk.

However, that is past story. Luckily, we never do what other couples do before and we never declared such thing as relationship.

If not, that will be damn embarrassing.

After saying so much, we started talking southpark ep about pubes.

Then, he say I avoid his question. But I told him I have answered him. Guys are so weird.

How I know why guys don't like me? because I'm fat or not so pretty as they want..or I'm just too boring for them..

I really don't know what is up with their minds. Though, I told yina I can read ppl's mind.

But that is only through a 3rd party view of the situation.

Haiz, sometimes I really feel very lonely. Wonder what's wrong with everyone's eyes.

Maybe they haven't seen the jem hidden in me bah. Heeheehee..

Some things cannot rush, but to impatient people like me, likes to grumble this kind of things.

Ultimate Mr Grumpy.

Ok. Here comes to the end of the very long post.