Feb 9, 2010
He He He.. I'm back.

I'm too busy to blog for the whole month of January. Sorry!

January 2010 becomes a very sad month because we are so compiled up with reports and tests.

Both came at the same time until I can't breathe.

But I have also spare some time to rest and watching 海派甜心.

海派甜心 is a damn sweet, touching and humorous drama! And I love it ^V^.

But finish liao..I'm thinking should I watch 下一站,幸福。I don't like Vanness Wu :(

This week is a very slack week.Now only left with one test and two exams :)

After Anna's birthday, I'm like so freaking slack..

Everyday, watch 就想賴著你 behind-the-scene videos and the drama itself.. everything about it (I think I too free 啦!)

I like this drama.

Although I don't quite like Jerry Yan(I don't why so many people like him so much),I like to watch this show :D.

It 's a simple and sweet love story.

At first, I'm not think crazy about this show, but after first episode, I'm eager to watch the next episode.

I think that it really look real love story between two main casts. Got that 暧昧 feeling exist.

Besides, I like the song lyrics of 就想賴著你 & 我會很愛你 by Jerry Yan and 只为爱上你 by S.H.E.

Maybe I'm too obsessed with that show liao! ha ha ha~~

Above all, I really like this phrase:

我相信 终有一天 我会遇到一个懂得珍惜我 在乎我的人 不管我漂不漂亮 他都会永远爱我。

I think I ever wish before that! ^V^ (giggles)

Crazy liao.

Suddenly, I feel changing blogskin. Damn, I don't know use photoshop and I don't have a very nice and professionally-taken photo if not I can make my own blog design..

Just like those stars..KeKeKe I think too much le..My time is restrict by studies and in two years, it will be all about work! Boring O.o

Ok. End of this post. Although it's short, I will remember to update again soon! :)

Wish me good luck in my exams.

These days I very scared of taking photo because I'm become fatter and uglier.

Ha ha ha.. So wait till after cny then I will consider posting my photos :P

Ciao xD