Oct 6, 2009
Finally decided to update blog O_o
Argh, happily sleeping again. Thus, I'm very lazy to switch on the computer.
A lot of updates.

Last week I meet up with jiamin and deniece at Cityhall to experience our Spore flyer.
It's bloody damn inaccessible and I wonder why is it a tourist attraction while the transport there is so limited. However, I still came to this place since I promised jiamin and deniece to come long ago.
This is my first trip to Spore flyer and we lost our way there.
We are supposed to take a shuttle bus there but we couldn't find the pick-up point.
We decided to "try" to walk there but we got lost there.
I was thinking, "Are we Singaporeans? Our country is so tiny yet we can get lost here!"
We took a freaking long and dirty route there. And I feel like a tourist, every corner looks so foreign to me.
Thanks to the F1 race, that's why we have to walk on dirty tracks -.-

After a great walk of 2hours, we finally reached, tired.
Moral of the story told us not to "act clever" to walk there.
After purchasing tickets, we are so excited. Took photos, even at the toilet.
I love the atmosphere of the place because it's very clean and quiet.
While we are in the cabin, we took a lot of photos. (in my facebook)
Although I have phobia of height, I think it's not that scary in the cabin. (because it moves super slow)

=> First photo in the cabin

=> Looks like toy trucks and cars xP

=> I can touch the sun!

After the sightseeing, we went to the souvenir shop.
Caught secretly taking photos hence we quickly ran away!
We have dinner at Popeye's Chicken & Biscuit Restaurant. (also my first time there)
I love the fries! I love the food there! xD
I remember last time I love to watch Popeye the Sailor Man @ Cartoon Network. *childhood memories*
Shall bring or buy back home for my family one day. Worth trying, delicious!
Then, took shuttle bus back to Cityhall. Accompany deniece to purchase Angela's new CD album @ HMV.
Home sweet home.

Saturday, played badminton with sister carol in the morning.
Noon,I accompany sister carol to rebond hair. At first, we plan to go Mystique, but it's freaky full house. It is damn not advisable to go there on weekends and carol is damn pissed off for waiting so long!
Carol treat me eat mac for accompany her.
Then, we go Hougang mall to look out for salons.
We finally found a good and cheap one. Snips Avenue.
It's loreal rebonding costs $98 only (all hair lenght plus cut and treatment), Shiseido costs $88 only.
Amazingly they have protein hair treatment (steam) for $15 only! Wow xP
I did the treatment and carol did the rebonding. Results are not bad.

=>Looks like a muffin in baking process.

The only thing I hate about is the fat guy hairstylist who did rebonding for my sister.
He is damn irritating and keep laughing at my uneven coloured hair.
He mentioned it once, twice, I laugh it off. But I got furious when he said it many times.
I wondered what is so funny la and his comment is super sarcastic. (as if I owe him money)
I can feel that my face is turning charcoal black and feeling very frustrated.
Standing on my nerves. GO TO HELL fat man.
The rebonding session lasts for 5hours and I super tired and hungry for waiting.
After everything, we ate dinner at Subway.
This is the second time I eat subway sandwich and I think I'm in love with it!
It's so healthy and delicious. I think the price of the meal is kinda reasonable because it can make you full.
Home sweet home.
Mummy and sister bought Fullerton mooncake home.

Two Stiff Heads sleeping together that night.

Sunday night. Went Hg mall for dinner. At Subway again.
Came back home, straightaway went to sleep.
I suddenly wake at 3am and couldn't sleep again.
Then decided to upload photos on Facebook.
Slept at 8am plus after carol went to work.
Wake up at 6pm!! Ate lunch cum dinner.

Having some sleeping problem. I always sleep and wake up at weird hours.

Waiting for school reopen. Mixed feelings.