Sep 11, 2009
Today, it's really a sad day..
I somehow feel that the god knows I'm sad..
That's why it keeps raining..
I feel cheated and unwanted =(
I keep thinking is it I'm really that bad that's why they don't want me..
Trying to act brave but tears keep flowing down non-stop..
However, Mei Wei won't give up!
I believe that someone will want me one day..
I should be happy that I don't need to worry about whether I can really commit in the work..
I should be happy that I don't need run here and there for this job..
Maybe god left a better opportunity for me, tt's why I need to leave this first :D
Suddenly sounds so holy (x.x)

Exam results are released yesterday :D but I didn't know my results because I forgot to register for the exam result sms service..
I took a thousand years to log in to student portal, and ended up falling asleep because I'm too tired after work xP..
Heng tt I can log in today. And thank god I pass everything xD
Have to go back to the temple to thank the god liao!! *grin*

Back to my old self again..

2 weeks later I will have my rebonding!