Sep 14, 2009
A peaceful day at home.

I reject a job offer that I always wanted in the morning.

Because since the last experience, I got the phobia of signing contract.

And I told a big lie to reject the offer. I keep thinking if I accept this offer, my family will scold me stupid forever.

I'm in a dilemma at first. But I don't want to disappoint my parents.

Previous experience have already made the whole family so upset and worried for me. And I feel really guilty for being so stupid, so weak, so guliable and let my parents worry for me..

I knew I have made the right decision to reject.

Thanks for the support of my family and good friends(ningzhi,deniece, peini, jiamin, huiying)

Their kind words really make me feel very touched! At least they care abt me..

I told myself to be more down-to-earth and won't find shortcuts. All the attempts = Waste trips

Yesterday, I really thanks mummy for dyeing hair for me again (after much pestering)

The result came out to be better :D more even than before.. I'm really happy >.<

It'a now darker brown.

I decided that I should go Mystique Hair Salon @ Kovan again.

Last rebonding I did there and the result is good and it's only $98..

It lasts for more than 6mths but my fringe start to curl first after cutting for quite a few times.

I hope this time the guys will serve me again..I was treated like a princess last time I went there..

All guys serve me haha..all looks like 20+..anyway, there is no customer @ that time.

That hair stylist, who attended to me, is very nice too and very focused and detailed in doing my hair..

Tat time I a bit shy to let him do my hair..but luckily got bibi accompany, hahaha..

Eagerly waiting for the day of rebonding!! argh, so happy xD

Thanks sister caroline for lending me $$ <3

I love you, "lesbian" sister! xP