Sep 2, 2009
I really can't survive w/o a computer at home..
Shit I hope shamus can let the lappy stay until I found a job to buy a new lappy..
It's so inconvenient w/o it man..
I have to "run" back to TP to use computer..
Everybody seems so act busy and completely ignore me..
Reality is no money no talk..and tt's very true..
Haix..can't help..I really need a job but it's damn far sia..
One @ buona vista, another @ science centre..
I think have to wake so early for work and travel so far, it's so tough..
PLEASE, job come find me man..
Today's false alarm made me so disappointed..
I tot I can immediately go interview but end up..sian..

I need $$ to dye hair, cut hair..(even xiaowen complain my hair very ugly)
I need $$ to buy things, for entertainment..
I need $$ to buy laptop..

There are so many things I wanna buy..I think one job is not even enough la..
So how..

I don't know when can I really get the job..(after so many "interview")

Oh my tian ah!!!