Sep 27, 2009
Continuation from last post..

Arghh, post rebonding maintenance is a hassle!

Everyday doing treatment really took me a lot of time to bath.

After bath, I still have to use leave on conditioner, use hair dryer to blow my hair and put a little oil again to finish.

I think such practise couldn't last for long :P

This Week

Chris came to our house for chalet again! But this time is because of his birthday.

Haiz, they patched back again. I hope they wouldn't quarrel again because I really hate to listen to their crap story..

Duration of stay is one week. Both of them took one week leave, so good.

Unlike poor Caroline have to juggle between work, study, family and boyfriend.

Stress until chest pain, need to see cardiologist. I feel so bad and sad for her.

Tuesday, the couple brought me and mummy to a laska steamboat restaurant @ harbourfront area.

It's at a wulu place. Never been there before. But the food there is kinda nice and seafood is fresh.

Poor Caroline didn't get to eat it again because she got lessons

At night, carol and me watched Buzzer Beat online. Our favourite latest jap drama.

>>NAOKI muscle is so "delicious". I wanna eat roasted kampong chicken.

>>Last episode ends too fast, can be improve..But the relationship part is so touching T-T

>>I even played the basketball game in their website and won a ball!

Wednesday, got nothing special. I slept till very late again thus I didn't go out.

Thursay, is Mr Chris birthday. Anna is frying and cooking all day for everyone, esp. Chris.

They also bought a lot of snacks, finger food back after collecting the cake.

Secret Recipe choc banana cake is SUPERB. Oishii.

I can feel that I'm so bloated and so fat after eating so much things w/o any exercise.

Caroline came back at night with mooncake!

She bought durian mooncake from the regent under four season hotel..So luxurious xD

But it's delicious. HeeHee.

Friday, the whole day I slacked at home after waking up at 5pm (highest record of the week)

Whole day watching TV, esp Heart of Greed @ Channel 8.

So embarrassed to be caught crying when Alfred in the show died..Too Emotional :P

Saturday, Chris, Anna, Carol, mummy and me went Hougang Mall to eat lunch and carol collect
referral letter.

Carol splurged a lot of money. She bought a dress and a trendy bag for me.

She treated me McFlurry too. *Touched*

Then we went back home. Poor Carol still have to meet Mr Shamus despite of being tired.

I watched TV again. Television has become my best friend.

I also in love with playing my handphone game and I finally won after completing 31 stages.

That's the lifestyle of a boring girl.

25-27 Sept are the day of F1 race. I suddenly miss it so much.

I remember the time being "ka jiao" by a Chinese man with a bunch of American friends..
We will like photographers, helping tourists to take group photos.

Occasionally got some tourists took photos with us.

For the first time I feel like a celebrity, taking photos with my fans. LOL!

Haiz, everything is just a memory..

加油 加油 加油 Mei Wei cheer up.

"Love makes me stronger" - quoted from the drama.