Sep 9, 2009
Another short random post from me..
Nothing really exciting or happy these days.
I think I have been "running" around this week for dunno what reason.
Simply saying, I don't what I am doing also.

Since last Saturday, I have been very depressed.
Because of my hair!!
I really don't know how to describe my hair now.
Like golden at top and black at bottom
It's in a total mess T-T .. I feel like a monster too..
Post SSM torture- I dyed black 2 times because of ssm..
And now, the result of dyeing back to my usual colour is disastrous!
I hate looking into the mirror..whenever I see my hair, I will be super sad..
Worst hair days I ever had..
I think by the time I get the desired haircut and haircolour, my hair will be like dead leaves..*lifeless*
"Pei Fu" myself that I still can go out and work with this kind of hair O.o

Sunday, I went peini house to "play"..
Ningzhi came along too..
Ningzhi also brought mentos chewy for me xD THANKS GIRL.
We have beer and played true or dare again..
But I only drink a little of beer because the smell really sucks..
Regretted playing dare, so misleading.
However, I believe that he is treating me just like normal friends.
I'm already trying not to give people false hopes..
Seriously, I think I might still stay in the nun club in the coming years *Grin*

I'm getting quite emotional these days..
Don't know is it because of my hair, or is it I'm too lonely?
Or is it because my eldest sister keep telling us what stupid acts she did to save a failed relationship..
I am at a loss..
But I'm more worried that who can save my hair first!!
Haizz x(