Aug 11, 2009
Just a short post here..
Sorry for not blogging.. I'm like so lazy though I got lots of time at home slacking..
But I am so lazy~~
Hee Hee..

This friday I will be PODS, pushing the cart to FIND YOU ALL xD..
Seriously la, please buy lei if I see you or you see me xP
Purchase $10, give u my handphone number..
Purchase $50, have a date with you..
Purchase ALL, give you a big kiss!!

I will love you for supporting me, my dear friends XD

Monday, which is yesterday, is a boring day for me..
Went to Amk Hub to eat dinner with sister caroline only..
Have a big feast at Nebo cafe..and play some games at ZoneX..
It is damn funny la..I accidentally tap at the same machine for 4 times..DRIVE LIKE HELL..

The feeling of driving a van or a super Orh-Biang(old-fashioned) car sucks..


Caroline's car is stuck at one position for 1min..She can never be a driver =X

We earn some tickets for playing the kiddy games and exchange for a pack of smiley face erasers..


Like the younger days..

Sunday, after watching NDP on tv..went McDonalds with jiejie-s and mummy @ kovan..
After leaving Mac, I fell on the short stairs near guardian because the bloody floor is too wet and slippery..
I was suddenly like so shock~~
Luckily, I didn't hurt my back..only my bum suffers from some impact..
Then, on the way home, I nearly trip again..
This time round, I cannot forgive my slippers(from cotton on)..
I decided to end its life by throwing it into the rubbish chute...
I am so accident-prone that day, so I decided to stay on the bed..and ZzZz~~

I have been sleeping beauty for 3 days le..
Wake up at walk around..then sleep again..then wake up, eat again..
This cycle carries on..
I am so bored.. No date =X

Last week,for japanese roleplay, I made this..



My Monkey is so excited about he decided to try it..


By the way, just to inform you all that I have my TWITTER account already..
Sign up just for fun~~
You can choose to follow me..haha..I don't really know what is that for..
Just TWEET it! xD