Aug 25, 2009
This post is part of the content in my diary, written on Tuesday after accounting paper..

For the first time, I am so heartbroken after taking accounting paper..
Even though I scored a C6 in accounting for Prelims before taking O levels, I never been so sad before..
I feel that I let down myself cos I put high hopes on accounting (something I am good at)
But my body just refuse to listen to me.. always don't do tutorial..always wait till last min..
Really serve me right T-T ..
I didn't do a lot of questions in this paper..and I feel really bad..
And then that stupid indian lady invigilator came to add salt to my wound..I'm slow so what? You don't need to say so loud to embarrass me..
After this, I feel more terrible..

Suddenly,MCFLURRY came to save poor little mei wei..
Mei Wei finally smiled..
And shopping really makes you feel more happy..
But not shopping for clothes, is shopping for GROCERIES!!
I bought a lot of things from cold storage like MAMA tomato, Hotdogs, picnic ham and blah blah..
And saw huiying, nat and john in the midway..
However, I ran away to grab the stuffs I need thus I didn't talk much with them..
I'm all alone again..haiz..

Lonely, I am so Lonely, I have nobody, EATING ICE CREAM AH~~