Aug 28, 2009
Finally exams is over..

Marketing paper- It is a good one..thanks to the teacher who set this paper..pretty manageable xD

Accounting paper- The can be seen in my previous post..utterly disappointed T-T

Travel & Tour Operations paper- Ok, but I anyhow write for the brochure itinerary qns xP

After the last paper, I still donno have that "happy" mood yet..

It is only until we @ pasir ris..

It was raining cat and dog..and we are drenched like stray cat or dog..

Have you seen before 4 person sharing the same umbrella?

That moment is damn funny la!

Then Jiamin, Deniece and me proceed to E-Hub KBOX..

My mood suddenly become very good and mei wei become very HIGH..

If don't believe can ask deniece or jiamin x)..

D and JM high until STAND UP!



Damn happy singing K with them..

Then after K-ing, ate dinner @ Nebo cafe..

We ordered chk cutlet with egg noodles, but turn out to be "maggi mee with chicken cutlet and DISSOLVE egg"!

You know why I say "dissolve" egg?..because there is no egg inside!

I keep consoling myself and jiamin they all that the egg has been dissolved into the soup..LOL xS


On the left: Deniece with the "poor thing eating maggi mee" look
On the right: Jiamin with the "greedy and contented" look
In the centre: MEI WEI with the "ugly and mr grumpy" look


End the day, feeling very tired but it's worth!


But I feel very sian back home..

Witness a bully scene..

Xiaoxin and small froggie bullying big froggie xP

Look forward to having a job..

Look forward to watching Final Destination 4..