May 16, 2009
Hey back to blog~~
I will be working in Sugarloaf next friday!
You can come visit me..I will be very visble there cos I'm the waitress..
But please don't make life difficult for me..
Otherwise I will curse you forever..wahahahahaha =P just kidding..
Kinda much things to remember~
But not as jia lat as top table..
Jia you everyone regardless you working @ sugarloaf or toptable..
Wanna to thanks to our headwaiter min min and assistant headwaiter xiu wen..they are really stress ytd =)
For ytd SSM, it's kinda ok. But everyone kanna scolded by Ms mark for being so slow..
And I have stiff neck problem (maybe when I use so much hairspray, I spray on my neck too ^^)
At Sugarloaf, I only know how to wipe here and there..sounds like a cleaner in general..
I pray that next friday will be a good day!!

Haiz, I feel really stress up now. I feel that I'm not efficient in doing things anymore..
I took a really long time to do my Sumo proposal and I haven't complete it..
And marketing..feel so lost doing research..
BESE, still fine but haven't do rephrasing..
But Basic Ent, haven't think of a single shit!
Overall, it sucks T-T..

Everytime when I look at the calendar, I feel so stress..
Like everything is going to due & nothing is being done..
SSM is the killer I think, it makes my friday and saturday so tired..& so much things to memorise..
I really regret a bit liao..coming to TP..
So sad!
I can only wish to get over all this thing soon..
Haiz, what a sad life!

Btw, I always mention about updating photos..but I really don't have the time man..
So I think you either go my facebook or my sister caroline facebook to see bah..

Ciao =D