May 10, 2009
"Cuz I had a bad day"
This song kept repeating in my mind and I really had a super bad day..
The super bad day is the day of SSM two days ago..
I kanna scolded by that super fat man for three times..but I didn't shed a tear..becos I know he's like that..
The fact that he's single is also like that..
What makes me cry it's because no one care..nobody give a damn in consoling me..
And I failed my bloody grooming..I have already used a lot hair spray yet she still fail me..
I wonder why..But we can't do anything..(even though I look exactly like SIA stewardess already)
I woke up 4.30am and use one hour to tie my hair..
It's ok for her to fail my grooming, but I really can't understand why that fat man always having PMS like a girl..
It's worse than st.john (even though SSM only torture us for half a year)..
I prayed hard that I will have a smooth jouney in SSM..
I'm think that everyone is good except for that fat man and I hate him lots..
Always look very strong, but always cry secretly..
I tot st.john nightmare is over, but there comes another round of terror..

After SSM, I'm feeling better after buying that huge snow white balloon @ parkway..but I'm super tired..
To the extend, I kept sleeping in bus..
Then I went home with so many things in my hands and bought hokkien mee for my mum and my own dinner..
After having my dinner @ 9+pm , I proceed to sweep and mop the floor..( preparation for my sister birthday )
I'm so tired yet I struggled to do so much things..But everyone takes it for granted..
No one even care to give some concern when my ankle was so cramp until I sat on the floor painfully, can't even stand after 5mins...
It was so pain until I cried..
So disappointed actually..even mum just walk into the room w/o giving me some concern..
Then, sista caroline comes back..only cares about receiving birthday msg on her phone and ignore the one who did the most thing for her 21th birthday party..
That's why for the whole day I have that super charcoal face..
Ended up I slept at 4plus am..w/o taking nap for the whole day..

Next day, I woke up at 9.30am..feeling so tired and muscle aches like hell..
Starts preparing the stuffs like pump balloons for the birthday party later..
Then Ding Dong, the girl delivered the helium balloons that I ordered at my doorstep..
And sister doesn't really like surprised, which is kind of disappointing for me, but she is more surprised when she saw the huge foil Snow White balloon..
I'm so pleased~~
Then the buffet caterer comes in @ 1+pm, and we rushing to tie up the balloons before the guests come..
And blah blah blah a lot of guests came at around 2pm..
Around 3, I went to collect the huge 2kg Snow White cake & my left arm is aching like hell when I need to support the cake..
Then came back, cut cake and then eat eat eat, blah blah blah..
At 5plus, the number of guests slowly decrease..And here comes late~~
But he wasn't the latest..KAILIN is the latest..and he brought a bottle of cabernet sauvignon here!!
He was stucked at the dining table, chatting with anna while we watching boogeyman..
I think the ending of that boogeyman movie sucks..
Anyway, when we watching that movie, caroline is happily opening her birthday presents wif edna and her boyfriend..
Then edna and her boyfriend happily went home with some helium balloons..
Caroline, alvin and me keep chatting, laughing and giggling..until the "ai jiu zai yi qi" show starts..
After that, kailin comes in to chit chat with us..first time I talk so much with guys..
They think I'm drunk maybe (but I didn't drink any wine) but my nature is like that la, talkative and talk a lot of rubbish and a bit if high feeling when I start to talk a lot..
After the show ends, the two guys went home together (sounds gay) because they are taking the same bus..
Here comes the cleaning part when I super tired..but I didn't clean much..
Remove makeup le,then give mothers' day present to mummy and fell asleep once I lie on the comfortable bed..
That's all for what happened on Saturday..

Back to the stressful life the next day..
Projects, SSM notes, homework.. blah blah.. keep me so busy..
I will update again on the photos and adjust my blog because I think there's some problem out here...
Ciao ^^