Apr 18, 2009

It's a damn busy week..
Suddenly so many things to do this week..

Monday- when to take SSM uniform & work

Tuesday- went out with peini and ningzhi for shopping (yay, I also bought my sister's present!)

Wednesday- went to gym >_< & hougang mall to eat & walk walk

Thursday- went down to DAMN kellyservice, bought 3 heavy bags of snacks for my sister's birthday celebration, after that go rebond fringe, then go hg point to look out for party stuffs & walk to angmo supermarket to buy some groceries..

Friday- sleep sleep sleep & book caterer & accompany my mummy..

Looks very busy right..but it's better than nothing to do bah..
Though I always complain tired but it's very meaningful to do these things..
I'm currently the planner for my sister caroline 21th birthday party..
I got so many ideas and I wanna to fulfil all these plans =D feeling so excited and happy~~
I hope the celebration is a success..regardless of cost, I must make it a perfect birthday for carol! It's her first time having birthday party and I think she's very excited too..
So must pray now liao~ hahahaha =P

I just know my new class and timetable..
So happy to be in same class as deniece! but sad for jiamin..she's so far away from us!!
I'm in 2H12, so if you got any friends same class as me can intro..
I finally enroll into jap class liao and luckily my SSM is on friday..at least not wed, Mr goh class =X..

So glad to see my schoolmates soon after 2mths of boredom..
But damn SSM is starting..I'm kinda scared..
Hopefully can get over soon =)
I shall stop there..Ciao ^.^