Apr 4, 2009
My hair has been pretty neat because I always pin up my fringe and tie my hair..
Otherwise..my damn hair will be so messy until I get really fed up of it ><
And I also have to dye my hair back to black..look so ku ku :(
Haiz..anyway, I already look very ku ku w/o fringe thesedays..
I can't imagine if I dye black, eww~~

I got a temporary job already! finally Hahs..though I only work a few days, but it's pretty cool..
Recently, I ate a lot of good stuff..
I think I look fatter now..
Just not long ago this week, tuesday, we celebrated mummy's birthday..Next week is my daddy's birthday on the monday.. 2 cakes within one week..
OMG. I got to eat a lot again -_-'''...
I think this holiday I also lack of exercise..but I'm not motivated to do it because everyone is so busy with their own thing..
Feel so lonely sometimes..
No one accompany you to do the things you like..

Although I really hate that SSM thingy, I hope to go back to school soon..
I have to get my bones working, otherwise my body will nua nua one :P
OK, end of the post.
I will update again.