Feb 23, 2009
HEY! I'm back with the mood to update this sloppily blog..
Because of a lazy owner hurx!

Finally we have come to the end of YEAR 1..

Got a lot of happy memories and shitty memories in TP..

I think the most happy thing in this course is to know those lovely and encouraging cliques..

Compared to some of my friends from other class, I considered very fortunate already..

Although I don't know a lot of people in my course, I'm contented at least I'm not outcasted..

Sometimes, I really hated to be in this course. Tired of "wearing mask" to school.

I'm an introvent actually, though I like to talk a lot of crap..& I very anti-social one! (hidden self)

I also have some communication problems with some people..

The most memorable moment is to cry over a plate of fried rice in BIZ canteen :P

That was the most stupid thing that ever happened on me..

(Being bullied by CHINESE COOKED FOOD auntie)- OMG x_x

Nothing more I can remember except from projects..

PROJECTS- the main cause of every conflict and frustrations..

Doing project is the only time that you can see me everytime pms..

Overall, I think my Year 1 poly life is good. Much better than Secondary of cos..

I hope I can successfully get over with SSM..and I hope to have GOOD classmates in Year 2!!

HaHaHa..Time for change! (though quite sad to leave current classmates)

Enjoy looking at some farewell photos and last "Formal" day in Year 1!




Everyone enjoy your holiday! ><