Dec 21, 2008
I'm back.
As usual, I have been slacking these days..
On wednesday, i went Kbox with deniece and jiamin..
Despite of the faulty mics and the stupid "no-link" male service crew,
we have a great day singing Cum screaming at the top of our lungs!
This approves that we can sing w/o mics ok..
It's very irritating becos the Kbox mics spoil twice..
And that "no-link" guy is damn unfriendly~~
But I hack care about their lousy service..

Deniece took a lot of funny pictures of us :P
After a nice singing session :)

Me & my Chang er ^.^

Choke choke~ "Don't strangle me!"

I'm Liu Yidao. Shall kill you for snatching my wife! *LOL*

After all, we are good friends! (darlie ambassadors)