Oct 31, 2008
Sorry that I didn't update for a long time...
I seldom go online..


School reopen le..
I hate school but I also hate to stay at everytime...
Very sianz..
I took 2 CDS.. sociology and psychology :)
I kinda like psychology sia.. sociology is a little boring~~
More and more and more new friends!
We have most couple-like group mates in Sociology class:

There goes to...

I have some really nice friends in psychology and a kind and nice teacher !!
I miss Deniece, shiling and blah blah blah...
I only can see them less than 5 times a week...sianz :(
Anyway, yesterday, we have NUNS GATHERING @ amk Nebo..
Then, we saw liping and her boyfriend..
After our dinner, we go zoneX play play~~
That's all. Home sweet home ^^

This and next week I damn busy and broke..
Stupid BCS must buy textbooks..
I really no money le lo!!

Annoucement: Anyone want geotravel textbook? My friends selling it at $22 ( actual price $30 plus ) Pls contact me or send email if you wanna to buy! Thank you :D

Ok I got to go le..
In conclusion, I hate homework and projects!
It sucks.
Last of all,