Aug 30, 2008
I'm so bored at home! -_-
Nothing to do sia...
Exams finally over, and I threw all the books into the bin le^^
Now all I wanna do is to find a job..
Sian ah !!!!

I didn't go back to my secondary school yesterday..
So bad sia right..
Anyway, w/o me (it's better)
Advance Happy teachers' day! (to every teacher who taught me during O-level)
I'm such a troublesome kid in the past *giggles*

Mooncake festival coming soon
I am waiting for my share of Swensen ice cream mooncake!
Anymore good recommendations?
Come my house play lantern lei!
I still miss the younger days so much...
I wanna play those got music one o_o

Monday going out wif Nun Peini *jkjkjk*

Ending off here ^-^