Jun 3, 2008
Finally completed RHT =D

After the test yesterday, I went shopping alone in TM and CS.
So lonely.~~
Luckily I saw xiao wen jie jie at TM.
So great to see her again!
Chatted with her for a while and proceed to CS to find a shoe to wear on my birthday..
MONDO shoes is expensive and not nice!!
So disappointing actually..
However, I bought a ten bucks shoes in the shop opp. MONDO..
So happy now ^^
Also, I bought a very nice nail art at Bluez.

After that, I took bus 72 back to xinmin to take my testimonial with Peiling.
We are stucked at security counter @ xinmin because of that stupid NEW rules- not allowing visitors to wear slippers.
It's kinda ridiculous somehow.
Anyway, the people working in the office also kinda weirdo.
Then we went ang mo supermarket to buy some groceries.

Back home,
Looking at my testimonial, I wondered if Miss kuck's nose got grow longer every year!
Suddenly thought of the days in secondary school..
I MISS "GO AWAY" ..wahahah

At night,
Chatting with sisters and I did some story-telling about the "Cyber Chicken" movie..
I didn't know I'm so good at humorous way of story-telling!

Studying macroeconomics..
Although I like to drink mug, but i don't mug on studies..
I hate to study somehow..
But I no choice.
I have to compete with my intelligent classmates for that A in my test paper..
So sian so sian..

Got to go study le ! x_x