Jun 21, 2008
Wao piang!
The 2 weeks holiday is going to be over soon!
But I haven't finish a lot of things yet x_X
So scared, so worried...
I'm so lazy lah!
I did enjoy a little during my holiday~~
Esp. going out with ningzhi and peini!!

Go gym with peini today!
I walk 3.9 km on the treadmill...
Hopefully, I can burn some fats off...
Esp. my carrot legs ~x~
Then, walk walk to Ang Mo supermarket to buy Starbucks coffee!
I'm addicted to it *Hahs*
Then I went home, sleep again xD

I hate IHT,
I hope I can get rid of that project soon!
I hope ms lim won't say anything on my work *please*
I haven't touch on MACRO!