Jun 9, 2008
New updates!
Starting from the last day of test (5/6)...
Stupid POM, make me chiong for the whole night ( didn't get to sleep at all )
Anyway, I didn't badly for all the tests la!
So sad o.O

Argh, I start with first celebration bah..

Celebration (Part 1)

After the test, Yina, me and Atyqa planned to go Sentosa for field trip..
With sleepy eyes~~
Saw shiling mei mei in the Mrt station, and get to know 2 more friends!
Vanessa and erm.. ( oops, I forgotten her name! )
Anyway, after chatting with them for a while, we go CS food court to have our lunch.
When I was happily eating my dessert and chatting,
Sudddenly some people popped up behind me and say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEIWEI"
Damn shock sia ^o^
They are so sweet la!! ( I thought no one remember my birthday le )
This is the first time classmates celebrated birthday with me!
I'm so touched *sob sob*

You all rocks!!

Thank you girls ( plus eileen and denise in the background )

A lot of funny expressions I made!