Jun 9, 2008

So many presents! (compare to previous years)

Hope my dreams come true~

18th birthday seems more grand hur xD

MR CHRIS xP (pata pata pata po GAMER)


Celebration (Part 4)

(8/6) Terrence 弟弟 treat me to Chung Cheng High band concert.
Such a special birthday gift sia..
I didn't take any photos..maybe because shy la..
Somemore his 1H05 friends also there x.X
I hope they don't think wrongly!
He is really my 弟弟 la !!
It's a pretty interesting performance!!
However, there is a idiot girl, step on my little toe w/o saying sorry! (F**K)
Anyway, after the concert, we walked circle circle around city hall to find food..
But all the restaurants are closed la..
Then at last, we landed in Starbucks, drinking coffee for supper ;P
Di Di send jie jie to Mrt station..
Reached home at 12.30 pm.
Daddy is in the living room but he didn't scold me *LUCKILY*
My foot pain like hell!
Moreover,I find it pretty cool to go home so late sia..
x_x bad girl