May 2, 2008
Gosh, I got reddish orange hair now!
Hey, back here again..
I'm feeling really very tired everyday!

My schedule is so packed everyday..
Mon- until 5pm
Tues- until 5pm
Wed- until 3pm ( xD YaY! )
Thurs- until 4pm ( xD YaY! )
Fri- until 6pm
Sat- working
Sun- working

I never gotta break man!
How I hope I don't need to work ~.~
So miserable..
But I have to work to earn money to survive!
Haiz sian x(

I saw a lot of ex-schoolmates...
But there's only one person i don't really recognise..
He become so tanned until I hardly recognise him when he called me at the bookshop..
CHAO DA BAO...lololol :D
Others still look the same..

BUT the only good thing to go to school is,


I'm still as "pervert" as ever! wahahaha

Anyone wanna go gym? I'm getting fat.
My thighs looks like the pork chop we seen in FnB lecture!!

Anyway, my next holiday break will be 7 June.
Which is MY BIRTHDAY!! Yay ;D
So lucky my birthday falls the first day of the holiday!!
Hope tat you guys will jio me out ok >.<
Must reserve me!! wahahaha..

Tests are coming soon..
I feel a little stress already because sometimes I can't understand those tutorial or lectures..
And somemore we got no time to revise the work..
I often gets very tired after school so I don't even care to look at BOOKS!!
You can kill me with tutorials!!!
I hate tutorial man!
Need to do homework..

Anyway, I gotta rest already..
Lots of outbreaks this days..
I think becos not enough rest..
NITES everyone ^^