Dec 3, 2007
Stupid connection.I can't get to blogger because of low connection.
Very irritated.
So I finally got some time to post today.
My mum discharged today le!So happy and glad =))
No need run around anymore.
I want some proper sleeps.
I hope the bad things can go away.
Christmas coming.
Luckily, I bought mum's present liao..
She chose herself.
Left caroline, chris, dad and shamus presents.
I really don't know how to settle it.
Anyhow buy again?
ok lah..tomoro got work..
Must sleep liao. =D

I'm so tired.
29/11 and 30/11 are my break.
No work.
But still not enough rest.
So haiz.Just back from hospital not long ago.
I'm going for check-up tomorrow le.
Injection again!
I wanna go shopping some days.
But I don't think i got time.SAD =((

Recount for 28/11 at work

In morning, I went to hospital to visit my mum for a while.
After that, I went to work.
I am late for work and I purposely to open the shop.
Ended up Li hua help me.
So pai sei.
Then Laiyee came back from office,I'm bloody relieved lo.
Because got 6 boxes of new stock.
I'm afraid that i cannot managed all those things!!
Somemore she gave me a lot of 2008 precious thots namecard cum calendar!!=))
After i have my lunch, Laiyee ask me to go precious thots to help out.
I go there kajiao new part-time staff la!!
One is wenlin and another is sharon (aka snowman in chinese)
I very bad lo..
Go there keep chatting with xiao wen and the wenlin.
But luckily there's not much customers.
Xiao wen very cute lor..
She also lke J-rock, I also like it in the past.
She is a nice girl.
Can introduce some guy friends to him le!
I think i too popular there la (thick skin)
I got 2 rows of wrappers and 2 christmas gift tag for FREE Xiao wen give me one!!!
So good =D
I have a lot of fun at precious thots la.
But i don't want to work there. Quite stress.
I think stay @ thotz will be better ba.
Back to thotz, Laiyee teach me closing.
She teach too fast. I didn't got much time to memorize.
Hope someone can teach me patiently!
Back home, I realised that i forget to take my wrappers home =(
But nvm la..since i haven't buy all the presents yet!=X..
HEE..ok la.
Tomorrow must wake up very early la.

Signed off and ciao!