Nov 15, 2007
Yesterday the interview is successfully.
I stand great chance getting the job!
So damn happy =D
Then me and caroline shop @ bugis.
The bugis clothes trend quite aweful.
We bought some things from there.
And return to kovan to get my phone.
So cool, the black one.
After taking the phone, we went Mac.
Happily eating french fries and ice cream!!
Then home sweet home.
Cannot move because I'm really too tired.
I take a little nap only.
I didn't even eat dinner..
Just eat one slice of marble cake in the fridge.
STOMACH pain!!!!
Eat medicine and went to dreamland.

Fucking unhappy with a freaky person.
Freaky character @#$%$#%$#^%^#~

Tonight will be our school's prom night.
I didn't attend.
Can't see me in my pretty gown lo..
Sad right.
Anyway, I'm ok. I didn't regret not going la.
No worries xP

I still feel a bit tired.
I wake up really early today @ 7am.

Zhiting keep resquest for help from me.
I'm very tired ok!
But i promise him liao.
Btw, i really long time didn't wrap presents la!
(just done it today) -whisper ^-

Going for rest again.

signed off.-