Nov 22, 2007
Wa lao~
I always blog so late.
Alvin ann birthday has offically ended.
Old uncle liao..= PP

Anyway, I hate the person named HENRY!
1st henry, he is so called tweety bird becos of his lips..
He is my idol in primary school..
Now i think he don't looks good..
Nah, not such comment about him..
But becos of him i know a bastard, TJK.
HATE him forever man!
2nd henry, Action city manager or whatever..
I email him long time ago and now then he replied.
Asking me to work full-time?
I already earn $200 plus @ thotz then you ask me wanna work at action city.
Getting nasty liao.

I settled my problem liao..
Lai yee promised me to let me work more next month.
Thanks lai yee.
I work 3-9.30 today...
When i reported to work, a cute guy, wearing office wear, approach me to take a survey.
I gong gong help him do lor..
BUT he is really cute la~~
His smiley face..and STOP!!
surely got girlfriend de lah..
stop myself dreaming like a desperate housewife, lol.

First case.
I did a grave mistake wrapping a huge pooh bear for a customer..
Actually i not purpose to.. but i did it x(
Cannot back out somemore..thus, i wrap like nasi lemak for him..
MALAY LIKE NASI LEMAK MAH..i think this malay guy will like it..
Very pai sei lah = PP
I told you not to trust me liao.

Second case.
I wrap a very small present for a customer.
The present is from our shop but the ready made wrappers are too big!
So again,i wrapped a very lousy one for him.
He looks blur but i donno whether he is dazed at my wrapping skill.
Damn lousy la.
Somemore i feel very guilty.
I forget to put his gift card into the plastic bag.
I hope he will come back and take the gift card from lai yee please..
otherwise i really very very guilty..
Because tt guy also quite shuai but with a bit blur look..
he must be cursing and swearing now la, lol.
But i made quite a number of sales.

Back home, at msn, i talk to shu xian and viewing their friendster!
As skinny as ever..
So envy sia -~~-
We talked about some past memories..
And i told her my secret.
maybe becos they don't like melon head, big nose..
It's nice (giggle)
She say i pretty, i really feel like fainting sia.

Then we ended the conversation becos she wanna sleep liao..
I continued to see friends profile.
Nice prom night pictures but ugly and lousy place..
Looks like a market in the small =X
They also wear very simple la..
Nothing much to see lor..not the prettiest night of them..
Can be more pretty ^^
nah, i didn't regret la. Just thinking why they take so little.
Nobody got sudden transform to a swan. SAME.

I saw ningzhi's blog about that chalet.
I saw my picture with chicken wing swing about.
Actually i'm faning away the smoke.
So can see my chicken wing very obvious.
so disgusting la!!!!

I gotta wash my face a bit.
Becos today i got makeup.
And my face a bit itchy..
ok la, going off and i'm tired too!