Nov 21, 2007
Tuesday 20/11
I didn't work until friday.
I think Lai yee toothache quite ok le ba.
So i didn't work today.
But i wake up at 7 plus.
So early.
Then we planned to go hougang mall cut hair.
Going with my mum, anna and chris.
I pissed with my mum for a short period of time becos of different opinions of something
So angry yet cannot argue back.
I went to switch on computer, i saw what zhiting wrote.
I was very angry and sad.
Why am i always be a sinner?
What i did wrong?
So damn suay today la
I cried again. I don't know why i so emo la!!
Keep crying.
Plus somemore play sad song.
More sad and emo..
Then he suddenly online and i confront with him.
After quite some time, i explained to him and he also say sorry to me la.
So, i accepted it that lo.
Shake shake hand, matter settled =P
Then after that we go shopping lo.
Eat lunch at cafe cartel.
Cut hair at Jean Yip.
Then, we have dinner at KFC.
Bought they bought some xmas gifts and i bought a pair of jeans

Later, back home, pissed again.
With my friend.
I didn't do anything.
I didn't even speak to her much.
I'm working now, not you ok.
You thought i wanna earn so little.
But i got no choice.
What you mean by "you want de mah?"
You are not the one who intro me that job..
You know it's so hard to find a perfect job.
And to work like a mad cow!
I'm so so frustrated ok.
Even my sister say i must work more days.
So irritating!!
So i sms Lai yee, ask her help me ask evan whether i can work more.
So pai sei to trouble her. so sorry!! =((
I don't know.
Just do as they please.
I'm tired, very tired...
Life really sucks now!
I don't when i gonna stop all those crap.
that's not the type of life i want ok.
I rather be a donkey. So stupid until donno what is sad..what is emo..
But still got donkey friends be with them.
Now, i can only find ghost friends, a wall and ceiling.
Not even a ear. a listening ear...
THE ONE who can make me slightly happier..
I only can talk to my own ear like a crazy person.
i even sms my best friend, no reply from her.
Nice one
REALLY must thanks her to make me learn to be strong.
Settle the problems myself.
I just make someone angry again.
again and again and again...

STOP IT NOW OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*(crying mode)*

signed off.-