Nov 22, 2007
Poor sales sia..
Very very tired lor..
I slept at 3 plus yesterday.
I thought today i am not working.
Ended up working from 2-9.30..
*(jelly leg)*
Argh, i didn't know why zhiting angry with me again la..
Please forgive me, forget, and forever ok!!
"Da ren bu ji xiao mei mei guo" = PP
Next month onwards i will be bloody busy.
Don't even have break.
No christmas shopping with friends liao..
Only can come msn at night.
So sad +(
But wasn't that what they want?
They say i work so little ma.
Now i work non-stop then they still comment...
Bloody hell.

I tired le..
Tomorrow still gonna work!
I think it's full time again.
Haiz, better come to Thotz @ TM la...
I very sian xO

Got to go.