Nov 9, 2007
One more paper left.
Poa MCQ~~
waste my time -.-
I need to get a job.
No money.. life is so miserable~
Luckily, i didn't go prom night.
Although, it's very rare to have such an event.
I know what i did is correct!
I'm broke now and all I wanna to do is to work..
Get paid and go shopping~~
Better than wasting so much $$.
Any intro??
wahahahahahah シ
So envy of Peiling wor~~

Yesterday, i went to amk station to meet Peiling.
30min late.
Then, we shop shop around Orchard..
Back to kovan, i coincidentally meet Stella, jasmine and gang!
In my mind, I'm thinking that "Why am i so suay?"
Frankly, I'm not very close with them.
I don't got to say "Hi" to them or "Bye" to them...
So awkward~ ><

I got to exercise.
My big belly is coming out.
Worse still, my thighs looks like "PIG TROTTERS".
Argh ~ Ö ~

I saw Orh bi quack's Friendster testimonial..
So sad.
They should plan to go out with me 吗?
But my exams over liao, no one wanna go out with me.
So disappointed~!

What chalet is that gonna to be?
Another session to be left out?
So messy..
Seriously speaking, I don't want end up like last year chalet again.
kanna bully like nobody business~
So boring and waste of money υ_υ
That feeling sucks ok!! *$%#@#%$*

Pissed .~